Derbyshire Connect

In October 2017 Derbyshire County Council launched a new set of bus and volunteer car services called Derbyshire Connect.

In summary Derbyshire Connect Dial-a-Bus shopping buses are for people unable to use conventional public transport because of their age, mobility/disability difficulties or because they live in areas where public transport is limited. 

Click below to view a press release from the County Council outlining the services available -

In addition to the general service, Ashbourne Community Transport offer a ‘Travel for Health’ transportation service to hospital and other health related appointments. This service is run as door-to-door and drivers can escort the passengers into the building and assist with getting porters etc if they’re needed. All of their buses are of course wheelchair/mobility scooter accessible. The rates they offer for this service include a £5 booking fee, £1 per mile (no dead mileage so charge is from pick-up location to destination, and then back again if returns are required) and £5 per hour waiting fee at the destination (again, this is only if the passenger requires a return journey). They work out the mileage on the day of the booking, using software to calculate the quickest route to the destination (unless the passenger asks for a specific route) so the passenger will be aware of the costs well in advance. They can take bookings up to 1 month in advance and they recommend booking as early as possible to ensure availability.

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